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Hate crime

A hate crime is any criminal offence targeted against a person because of hostility or prejudice towards their race, religion, sexual orientation, transgender identity or disability.

This website offers information to the public in Hertfordshire about hate crime.

Hate crimes are crimes such as assaults, harassment or criminal damage, with the exception that the victim was targeted because of who they are or what they believe in.

They can have a severe impact on the victim while those found guilty of one can expect a tougher sentence at court.

We take hate crime seriously and encourage victims and witnesses to report them either to us or to one of the many Third Party Reporting Centres. A list of Third Party Reporting Centres in Hertfordshire can be found by clicking on the link on the right hand side of this page.

All reports will be taken seriously and treated sensitively.

We will thoroughly investigate crimes and victims will receive support from one of our specially trained hate crime officers.

 Reporting hate crime online                                                            DECIDED Hate Crime LOGO

Hate crime can be reported directly to us using this website by clicking here

If you would prefer to report a hate crime or incident online, then you can through the True Vision website

True Vision also has lots of useful information including personal safety information and links to organisations that can offer support and advice.

In an emergency, always call 999.

Hate crime officers

We have a dedicated hate crime officers, who can offer victims help, support and advice. They can meet victims in a place they feel comfortable and safe, and will explain options available to them.

They can also be there for a victim if a statement needs to be taken and if the case goes to court. If necessary, steps can be taken to help victims follow what's going on during court hearings. Victims can be confident that they will be treated with respect and in confidence.

Hate incidents

Sometimes an incident occurs that is believed to be motivated by hate but a crime has not occurred. There are called ‘hate incidents’.

Hate incidents can also have a severe impact on those involved and we encourage these to be reported too.

Our Hate Crime Officers can offer support to those affected by them and work to try to prevent them from happening again or escalating in seriousness.

Reporting them also enables authorities to better understand trends and issues.

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