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Designing out drugs crime in licensed premises




Designing out DrugsThe use of illegal drugs on licensed premises is a problem that can affect many licensees. It impacts on the health and safety of customers and staff and the law places certain obligations on owners and managers to deal with drug related issues. If ignored, the use of illegal drugs can compromise the reputation of the company or establishment involved and deter potential business.


The information contained in these pages is intended for use by

  • Licensees, Managers and staff
  • Licensing and council staff working with licensed premises

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Information on drugs

The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime defines a drug as’ any substance that people take to change either the way they feel, think, or behave’. This includes:


  • All illegal drugs (those controlled under the Misuse of Drugs Act 1971)
  • All legal drugs, including tobacco, alcohol, volatile substances, (those giving off a gas or vapour which can be inhaled), ketamine, khat and alkyl nitrites (known as 'poppers')
  • All prescription and over-the counter medicines.
    ‘Paraphernalia’ refers to drug related litter such as needles, syringes, pipes, tinfoil etc.