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Behaviours to watch for

Hangover, alcohol, drugs


Both managers and staff need to be aware of behaviours which may indicate drugs are being used or dealt on the premises.

• Customers making frequent trips in and out of the premises, particularly with different people.

• Customers who arrive sober but quickly show signs of impairment inconsistent with their alcohol intake. This may be caused by mixing drugs and alcohol. Although rare, it is also important to consider this in the context of possible ‘drink spiking’. Try to ensure a customer who is clearly impaired leaves the premises with the friends they arrived with.


If you have real concerns, call the police. Preserve the glass or bottles the victim was drinking from as evidence in case further investigation is required.

Alcohol Bottles
• Frequent visits to the toilets which may indicate customers taking or dealing drugs out of sight of staff.

For further information on drugs and the signs of drug use go to: