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Good Practice


  • Create and enforce a strict house policy that clearly states your establishment's ‘zero-tolerance’ level towards illegal drugs. Let people know what you will do if you are aware that they are using drugs on your premises
  • Avoid events or bands that might attract a pro-drug audience
  • Discourage any drug references via your dress code
  • Check your premises every night after closing for hidden drugs, weapons or drugs paraphernalia, especially in toilet areas
  • Well–managed premises where staff take an active interest are less likely to attract drug use.Outside bar

Ensure that the employer’s risk assessment covers the following

  • Safe system for handling ‘sharps’ and other paraphernalia
  • Dealing with accidental contact
  • The provision of personal protective equipment
  • A suitable arrangement for disposal
  • Training for staff

Make prompt contact with your local police if you have reason to suspect drug dealing or use on the premises. Ask for their advice. See also section ‘What to do if you find illegal drugs on your premises’.