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Traffic Collisions & Offences

Hertfordshire Constabulary Criminal Justice Department administers the investigation of recordable road traffic accidents and traffic offences.

The department works in partnership with other constabulary staff, especially the Roads Policing Unit; with partner (collaboration) forces; the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS); the Courts Service (HMCTS); the Highways Agency; and Hertfordshire County Council.


In most respects Hertfordshire County Council carry the majority of statutory responsibility for provision of Roads Safety within Hertfordshire.


Traffic Accidents need to be recorded if they meet certain criteria. Once recorded they are then further investigated by the Process and Collisions Unit, unless they are very serious, in which case dedicated Traffic Officers will manage the whole investigation.


Traffic Offences are detected in a number of ways.


Safety Cameras, commonly known as Speed Cameras, detect speed and traffic light offences at a variety of locations around the county.


Uniformed officers can issue fixed penalty tickets or report drivers directly for prosecution at court. In some cases, the police may investigate allegations passed to us by partner agencies or allegations made by the public. These case are managed by the Process and Collisions Unit.


The Constabulary Roads Policing strategy is closely linked to County Council and national Roads Safety strategies.


Similarly prosecution guidance closely mirrors national guidance from the Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO) and the CPS.


Consequently, there is a move to offer driver education for certain, lower level, offences, rather than simply issue fines or summons for prosecution.