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Child Sex Offender
Disclosure Scheme

The Child Sex Offender Disclosure Scheme is part of a national initiative and aims to give the public greater involvement in child protection issues across the county. It will be managed through the force’s Community Safety Unit and has been developed to inform ‘relevant’ concerned people about child safeguarding issues.


It is not ‘Sarah’s Law’ but aims to provide an additional child protection safety net through closer liaison between the public and police.


Under the scheme members of the public can either report their concerns either by calling the Constabulary on the non-emergency number Telephone 101 or directly by visiting a police station. Staff across the force have undergone training and are ready to assist and guide anyone who comes forward to report their suspicions.


Hertfordshire has a positive record in responding to child abuse issues and the scheme aims to enhance existing arrangements. Essentially if anyone wishes to make a report in relation to a child, whether they have a concern or not, they can make contact with us under the scheme and we will respond.


Applicants have to sign a confidentiality agreement and officers have 45 days in which to make a response. However initial checks are made within 24 hours to assess if there is any immediate risk. If an issue emerges action will be taken straight away. Applicants will also be seen face to face by an officer and given information about the scheme.


The investigation can go two ways – if there are no concerns police can report back to the applicant. However if there are concerns a decision will be taken by the Community Safety Unit around who needs to know the details in order to protect the child in question.


We will be grateful for any contact we have from the public in relation to the scheme but will only give final advice about an individual to those directly responsible for the safety of a particular child if that is not the applicant then understandably they won’t be briefed about the details if it is not relevant to them.


The process of disclosure will always be explained the applicants and the need for discretion will be reinforced through the signing of the confidentiality agreement.



Download Adobe PDF Document Empowerment Pack (Part One)

Download Adobe PDF Document Empowerment Pack (Part Two)




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