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Operation Crystal - Keeping Drugs out of Communities

Drugs and Operation Crystal

Tackling the supply of illegal drugs in Hertfordshire


We need local people to help us build up a picture of drug misuse and drug dealing in communities. Combined with covert and behind-the-scenes police activity we can build the evidence we need to carry out arrest raids and bring drug dealers to justice. Help us to break the cycle of drugs and crime - please tell us what you know.

Using drugs can become problematic and addictive, and some people can turn to crime to fund their drug use. We can help steer drug users away from committing crime by putting them in contact with local drug and alcohol services. Most of our police custody cells are regularly attended by independent (non-police) drug and alcohol workers, who visit people we have arrested and encourage them to get the help they need to stop using drugs or to use them more safely.


To find out more about drugs and the law, please click here.


If you have any information about drug dealing, where it is happening and who is involved, or know anything else that may help us tackle drug crime, please contact Hertfordshire Constabulary on Telephone 101 or Crimestoppers on Telephone 0800 555 111. Alternatively, you can fill out a secure online form, which does not give police your computer or email details and you can send it without giving us your name and address. Please click here to fill out the secure form.


Suspect Drug Dealing?

Signs to look out for:


  • Unusual numbers of callers to an address at all times of the night and day
  • Drugs paraphernalia (please do not remove it but alert your local council)
  • People with an unusually lavish lifestyle

How and what to report to police:

  • What you have seen or heard
  • Where incidents take place
  • Who was involved, including descriptions and any names you know
  • When incidents take place - date and time
  • Any vehicle details - make model, registration and colour

Cannabis Factory – How to spot one:

  • Strong smell of de-odourisers or air fresheners
  • Lights being left on all day and night
  • Curtains constantly drawn or windows blacked out
  • A sudden jump or fall in electricity bills
  • Possible rewiring
  • High humidity in the property
  • There is a lot of noise when someone moves into a property, but afterwards no one seems to be living there
  • Strange comings and goings of people


Hertfordshire is one of the safest counties in the country with crime falling year on year. Drug dealers are not welcome in Hertfordshire. We are working hard to reduce already low levels of drug dealing.


Hertfordshire Constabulary


Call Hertfordshire Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111