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Illegal Parking

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Illegal parking can be a problem for residents in any county at times and Hertfordshire is, unfortunately, no different.


Road Safety Concerns


The enforcement of yellow lines, time limited waiting and other parking restrictions in Hertfordshire is entirely the responsibility of the local authorities and their Civil Enforcement Officers. Hertfordshire Constabulary still has the power to act on obstruction offences, and where vehicles are parked on zig-zag approaches to pedestrian crossings.


A vehicle causing an obstruction is one which has been parked and left unattended in such a way that it is considered to be a hazard to other road or footway users. For example, a vehicle may have been parked on a bend on the carriageway or at a junction, creating a safety hazard to other users; it may have been parked across a footway blocking free passage to pedestrians, particularly those using mobility scooters or with push chairs; or a vehicle may have been parked in front of a driveway blocking access to private or public property.


If you need to contact the police because a vehicle is causing a safety hazard or an obstruction on a public road, please include as much detail as you can, here are some suggested points which will help us to process your concern as quickly as possible:



To report dangerous parking or parking that has cased an obstruction, please contact Hertfordshire Constabulary on the non-emergency number,  101.


In all other cases, please contact the local authorities.  You can find more information on parking on the Hertfordshire County Council website, which can be accessed by clicking  here.


Vehicles obstructing driveways


Where vehicles are preventing access to or from a driveway, the police have the capability to identify the vehicle owner and request the vehicle is moved.  Please contact us using the details above.


Vehicles obstructing dropped kerbs


Due to a change in legislation your local Borough / District Council is now able to issue a Penalty Charge Notice to vehicles obstructing a dropped kerb that serves a driveway, cycle track or pedestrian access.


Vehicles must not park on the carriageway adjacent to the footway, cycle track or verge that has been lowered or where the carriageway has been raised to the level of the footway, cycle track or verge for a purpose of:



Inconsiderate parking alongside dropped kerb can prevent residents, particularly people with disabilities and persons with pushchairs, from crossing the public highway in a safe manner, and also prevent the residents and businesses from getting their vehicles back on the road or in their driveway.


Please contact the police on the non-emergeny number,  101.


How to report vehicles that obstruct a dropped kerb


If you wish to report, to local Borough/District Council, a vehicle which is obstructing a dropped kerb, please use the link below. Please include as much detail as you can, here are some suggested points which will help them to process your concern as quickly as possible:


There is a car parked in my road which I do not recognise, and it hasn't moved for some time. Who do I contact?


Firstly, you should check with your neighbours, to see if they know who owns the car.


Failing this, there are a number of things you can do:


• If the car has invalid or no tax, you should report it to the DVLA.  Click here to report an Untaxed vehicle.


• If the car has tax, but has been stationary for some time, and appears abandoned, you should report it to the local council.

• If you think the car may be stolen, due to damaged locks / ignition or being left insecure please click here, and Police will conduct checks on the vehicle. If the vehicle is confirmed stolen, Police may attend to remove the vehicle. Unfortunately we are unable to provide any feedback in such circumstances.


Local Councils


Links to District and Borough Councils pages on parking: -