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Operation Advisory


This multi-agency Christmas campaign aims to reduce the number of rapes and serious sexual assaults happening, especially those relating to the night-time economy and the Christmas party season.


The campaign uses an innovative ‘simple as tea’ analogy to bring home the message that sexual activity without consent is a crime.


Sex without consent is RAPE – we can stop it.


Consent is an issue in around 80 per cent of current Hertfordshire Constabulary rape investigations*. Having sex with someone without their clear consent could result in a rape conviction and a minimum prison sentence of five years and being placed on the Sex Offenders Register.


The campaign is led by the Rape Executive Board which comprises Hertfordshire Constabulary, the County Community Safety Unit, CPS, Mountain Healthcare, NHS and local rape support charities. Local councils have also pledged their support. These agencies are helping to spread the message to older pupils at secondary schools, via doctors’ surgeries and clinics as well as through community groups and local venues, using posters, postcards and campaign-branded tea bag sachets.

In the run-up to Christmas, local policing teams will be running Operation Advisory patrols in their busy town centres and night club locations during the evenings (pub/venue opening to closing times) at weekends to get the messages directly to revellers. 


Officers will be handing out lip balms (featuring the key messages and website address) which proved last year to be a great way to get talking to people and remind them to take care, as well as getting people to take home the message that they will keep to hand for some time.


The police pre-Christmas activity also involves speaking to taxi companies, licensees and door staff to raise awareness about looking out for, and taking care of, people who may be vulnerable because they have had too much to drink.


Hertfordshire’s Police and Crime Commissioner, David Lloyd, said: “This multi-agency campaign aims to prevent serious sexual assaults during the party season, and beyond - while the main focus is the run up to Christmas, the messages will continue to be relevant all year round and I am confident that an increased understanding and awareness can only reduce the number of incidents happening. Agencies working together in this way increases awareness and makes for an even more effective campaign to address an issue that is at the top of my agenda – keeping people safe.”

*Adult victims