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Victims and Witnesses of Crime

Victims and Witnesses of Crime

Hertfordshire Constabulary aims to put the needs of victims and witnesses at the heart of its Criminal Justice work with partners, such as the CPS and Courts.


We will work together with our partners to ensure that victims and witnesses get the support, reassurance and help that they need.


We aim to provide victims and witnesses with a service tailored to individual needs.


Where we further investigate your crime, we will stay in touch with you throughout the investigation, from start to finish. We will let you know what is happening with your case and will give you a telephone number you can call directly to update us or to ask us questions.


Hertfordshire Constabulary works in partnership with Victim Support to support victims and witnesses.


Victim Support


If you have been a victim of any crime or have been affected by a crime committed against someone you know, Victim Support can help you to cope with the experience.


Victim Support services are free and available to everyone, whether or not the crime has been reported and regardless of when it happened.  We are not part of the police, the courts of any other criminal justice agency.


Our trained volunteers offer:


  • someone to talk to in confidence
  • information on police and court procedures
  • help in dealing with other organisations
  • information about compensation and insurance
  • links to other sources of help 

To speak to Victim Support in Hertfordshire, please call

the East of England Victim Care Unit:


Telephone 0845 456 5995