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Reporting Rape

Self Referrals

Herts Sunflower SARC (Sexual Assault Referral Centre) provides a comprehensive and co-ordinated forensic and aftercare service to men, women and young people living in the Hertfordshire area, who have experienced rape or sexual assault, whether this has happened recently or in the last 12 months. 

Our centre comprises a team of experts with a wealth of knowledge and experience in advising and supporting victims.  This team includes specially trained Independent Sexual Violence Advisors (ISVAs), who will care for those who have been assaulted, liaising, where appropriate with police and other agencies.

Service description: A service delivered in partnership with Hertfordshire Constabulary and National Health Service to provide immediate physical and on-going help and support following a rape or sexual assault. The service provides an efficient and effective care pathway for clients into the Sexual Health Services, Rape Crisis, Victim Support and other partner agencies.

Individuals can self refer by contacting the free phone number: 

Telephone  0808 178 4448.

Nobody asks to be... sexually assaulted or rapedVictims who self refer will be spoken to by a trained crisis worker who will provide all necessary advice and support. The crisis worker will outline all available options to the victim including the option to refer the incident to the Police.

The crisis worker will respect the wishes of the victim and implement the procedures according to their wishes. This will include cases where the victim is unsure of what action to take and procedures are in place to secure potential forensic evidence should the victim choose to report the assault to the Police at a later time.Nobody asks to be sexually assaulted or raped

The Sunflower Sexual Assault Referral Centre (SARC) in Hertfordshire has examination suites which have been developed to ensure a standard level of care for use during medical examinations of victims of rape and serious sexual assault.

Hertfordshire County Community Unit have recently launched an anti-rape and sexual assault campaign called Operation Advisory. Advisory is a proactive campaign reminding pub and club-goers to take care of themselves and their friends on a night out and get home safely.


It also sends out a strong message to potential offenders around the consequences of committing a sexual assault on someone.


Nobody asks to be sexually assaulted or raped… There’s never any excuse. If there’s no consent, it’s a crime.


For more information on the campaign, please click HERE.



Useful Telephone Numbers


Sexual Assault Referral Centre Helpline:


Telephone 0808 178 4448


National Domestic Violence Helpline:


Telephone 0808 2000 247


Police (Non-Emergency Number):


Telephone 101


In an Emergency, Always Dial:


Telephone 999


Sunflower Sexual Assault Referral Centre at Hemel Hempstead:


Telephone 01442 270679


Free Legal Advice for Domestic Violence Victims:


Telephone 08709 220704


Rape Crisis Hertfordshire:


Telephone 01707 276512


Rape Crisis Watford:


Telephone 0845 3011165


Victim Support:


Telephone 0845 30 30 900


Survivors UK (for men):


Telephone 0845 122 1201


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