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Code of Ethics
and the Herts Way

Hertfordshire Constabulary believe that the public has the right to expect the highest standards of behaviour from everyone in public life, particularly those who are engaged in policing because after all we are public servants – but moreover we are public servants with significant powers.

In the modern context the Code remains true to Sir Robert Peel’s founding principles of British policing focussed on the importance of public support and the need for the police to secure and maintain public respect.

The National Code of Policing Ethics has been embedded in Hertfordshire for over a year – and we have adapted our “Herts Way” statement of how we will police the county to ensure it is fully compatible with the Code.

It is applies to all of us within Hertfordshire Constabulary whether we are in a permanent or temporary role or acting in a paid or voluntary role.




More information about the Code of Ethics and the “Herts Way” can be found on the links below: -


Download the Code of Ethics Booklet


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