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Neighbourhood Watch

Neighbourhood Watch

OVER 70,000 Hertfordshire households are signed up to watch schemes across the county and there are over 10,000 active watches. There's also  over 10,000 businesses and residents signed up to other schemes such as Business Watch, Dog Watch and Rural Watch.


Hertfordshire Constabulary actively supports these Neighbourhood Watch schemes which, together with police, make Hertfordshire a more hostile environment for criminals and a safe place for residents and businesses.


Crime is often lower where there are active Neighbourhood Watches and there are many other benefits including discounted home cover with some insurance companies.


As well as Neighbourhood Watch schemes, there are a number of other watches people can join or set up, if there isn’t already one in your area. These include Horse Watch, Rural Watch, Allotment Watch, Canal Watch, Business Watch and Dog Watch.


Penny Brown, Neighbourhood Watch Project Officer, said:

Quote (Open)More and more people are recognising the importance of watches as a tool to make their communities even safer by working together, while also helping the police be better informed to beat criminals. We are indebted to our volunteer residents for their support in this.


“If you were not able to make any of the events, but would like to know more about the watch schemes in your area or even set one up, it’s never too late.


“You can find out more by contacting your Safer Neighbourhood Team or by following the links to specific watches from this page.

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Police and Crime Commissioner for Hertfordshire, David Lloyd, said:

Quote (Open)The best way to beat crime is for us to all work together. The police need help from members of the public, businesses and other agencies to catch criminals and prevent crime.


“Neighbourhood Watch is a great way to keep your home and your community safe, as well as help the police reduce crime. There are already thousands  of residents and businesses who have joined up to various watch schemes and are already reaping the benefits of being part of a community united against crime and looking out for one another.


“You too can be part of a crime fighting community and make your street even safer by joining a Neighbourhood Watch scheme or even setting one up yourself.Quote (Close)



Three Hertfordshire Watch projects have been recognised for their role in crime fighting by being given ‘best practice’ status by the Home Office.


OWL – the Online Watch Link – has won several awards for innovation and technology, provides effective communication between the Constabulary, Watch scheme co-ordinators and Watch members. Members across all schemes are kept up to date with crime prevention messages, witness appeals and advice via free messages by phone, text messaging, fax and email.


You can be part of this system simply by joining an existing Watch scheme or starting a new one.  Visit Web Link for more.


If you would like to join a Watch Scheme or start one, please speak to your Safer Neighbourhood Team - visit our Safer Neighbourhood Page and enter your postcode to find their details.