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Procurement & Supplies

The Contracts Departments from Bedfordshire Police, Cambridgeshire Constabulary and Hertfordshire Constabulary have now collaborated and formed the Joint Procurement Department.


The majority of our tender opportunities will be tri-force, amalgamating the three forces’ contracts going forward. In a rapidly changing procurement environment, the team helps the authority in its aim of ensuring that all purchases comply with legislation concerning diversity, disability, equality, ageism, sustainability issues and Corporate Social Responsibility.


The necessary processes and procedures are governed by the Financial Standing Orders which highlight our duty to operate in an open and transparent way, therefore allowing all suppliers the freedom to trade with us. We encourage organisations of all sizes to provide us with required goods and services. We endeavor to obtain best value and to build confidence among businesses and the public. Before the three entities enter into a contract with a supplier, a competitive process will be carried out.


Opportunities to do business with us may be advertised through the below sources:


Web Link EU-Supply UK - Registration is free


Web Link The Official Journal of the European Union


Web Link Hertfordshire Constabulary


Web Link Cambridgeshire Constabulary


Web Link Bedfordshire Police


National Police Procurement Hub (NPPH)

Hertfordshire Constabulary is currently in the process of implementing the National Police Procurement Hub (NPPH). This electronic purchase to pay (P2P) system allows for e-ordering and e-invoicing and will therefore provide a more efficient route for Hertfordshire Constabulary to purchase and pay for goods and services from suppliers online.


It is now within our Terms and Conditions that if you are awarded a contract by Hertfordshire Constabulary, it is mandatory that you register to the NPPH system. As part of the registration, you will need to provide a DUNs number, if you do not already have one or are unaware as to what it may be, it can be obtained at www.dnb.co.uk/duns-number.asp


Terms and Conditions


To read our purchase order terms and conditions, please click here.