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September 2010

Young People Visit Dog Section

A GROUP of young people from Stevenage were invited to come and meet police officers of the four-legged kind during a recent visit.

The five lads, all aged between 13 and 15, visited the police dogs as part of summer diversionary programmes run by Stevenage Neighbourhood Team. Stevenage Homes also took part in the project.

The lads were issued with special passes to gain access to RAF Henlow in Bedfordshire, where the Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire Dogs Unit are based. They were shown how the dogs are partnered with handlers to follow suspects and sniff out drugs.

Police Community Support Officer Theresa Patten and PC Paul Lawlor organised the trip. Theresa said: “It was a great day – the lads were really fascinated by the amazing jobs these dogs do.

“All the young people who came along have themselves faced challenging experiences in their lives but have managed to stay out of trouble and this particular visit was a great way of engaging with them in a positive way.

“I would like to say a big thank you to the Beds & Herts Dogs Section for their help with this visit and also to Cineworld and Hollywood Bowl on Stevenage Leisure Park, who also contributed free tickets for events for these young people.”

Beds and Herts police dogs now have their own pages on Facebook. You can check out the pages for our police dogs by searching on Facebook for either 'Tyler', 'Ted' or 'Storm' and 'Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire Police Dog’.

June 2010

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November 2009

We appeared on local television and in the local newspapers after the press came down to see us and meet our dogs Ted, Phynn and Storm.

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Police Dog Ted| Police Dog Tyler| Police Dog Storm