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Keep Safe

Offender arrested thanks to Co-op Keep Safe premises

Sixty one year old John was living in Stanstead Abbotts three years ago when he needed to use the Keep Safe scheme to make an emergency call.

John was walking into the village to do his usual food shopping one day when he was approached by a man who punched and then pushed him to the ground outside the Co-op. The man then tried to steal John’s money but was unsuccessful.

As John had taken part in setting up the branch of Co-op as a Keep Safe premises with his local police Safer Neighbourhood Team and learning disability charity Herts People First, he knew he could go into the store to ask for help and make an emergency call. The shop was also displaying the orange ‘Keep Safe’ sticker in its window.

Shaken and upset, John told the staff members what happened, showed them his Keep Safe card and asked for the police to be called. The local PCSO - Neil arrived shortly after.  John had got to know Neil when he helped to set the Co-op up as a Keep Safe premises, so it was reassuring for him to meet Neil again.

John gave a good description of the offenders and Neil accessed CCTV footage of Stanstead Abbotts High Street, which had captured the assault. The man who assaulted John was arrested the same day and eventually prosecuted for the offence.

John and his support workers were very pleased with how the Co-op Keep Safe venue had worked and later told Neil that without it, he would most likely have just made his way home after the assault, waited to tell his support worker and may not have even notified police at all. 


Disability Hate Crime


Sadly, people with learning disabilities can sometimes become victims of disability hate crime – a crime that is motivated simply because of their learning disability. If you or anyone you know feels they are a victim of a crime that was motivated because of their learning disability, it is vital that this is reported.


Hertfordshire Constabulary understands that victims and witnesses may not always feel comfortable with talking directly to the police and would therefore encourage people to report incidents of disability hate crime via a third party. Information about third party reporting can be found here, where details about disability hate crime and hate crime as a whole can also be found.

Keep Safe