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Keep Safe

Maureen Keeps Safe with the Herts Café and Restaurant

Forty two year old Maureen was living in Hoddesdon when she needed to use the Keep Safe scheme as she started to be harassed and verbally abused when she was out and about.

Maureen liked to walk into her local town and spend time at the Herts Café and Restaurant. Unfortunately a group of people began to threaten Maureen and call her degrading names related to her disability. This caused her a great deal of alarm and she began to feel distressed. When Maureen told her support workers, they talked to officers from the local Safer Neighbourhood and put a plan in place which involved the Herts Café – a Keep Safe premises.

Before these incidents started to happen, Maureen had always found the staff in the Herts Cafe helpful.  As she was familiar with Keep Safe, she thought the restaurant would be an excellent place to set up a new venue. The café was very happy to get involved and alongside PCSOs from Hoddesdon Safer Neighbourhood Team, Herts People First and other local people with learning disabilities, they set the new Keep Safe premises up.

To help Maureen with the harassment she was being subjected to, a plan was put in place that if she ever experienced problems from these people again that she should think of the orange ‘Keep Safe’ sticker and go to the Herts Café for help. As part of their role as a Keep Safe premises, the café agreed to take Maureen out of the situation as soon as possible by phoning a taxi to get her home safely. Her support workers would then contact the police.

This arrangement worked very well and whenever she experienced problems she knew what to do, and incidents were reported to police. As a result the harassment stopped.

Through helping to set up the café as a new Keep Safe venue alongside officers from her local Safer Neighbourhood Team, Maureen had the chance to get to know her local Police Community Support Officers (PCSOs). Previously she had always been a little wary of the police, but she quickly knew she could rely on them for help if she needed it.


Disability Hate Crime


Sadly, people with learning disabilities can sometimes become victims of disability hate crime – a crime that is motivated simply because of their learning disability. If you or anyone you know feels they are a victim of a crime that was motivated because of their learning disability, it is vital that this is reported.


Hertfordshire Constabulary understands that victims and witnesses may not always feel comfortable with talking directly to the police and would therefore encourage people to report incidents of disability hate crime via a third party. Information about third party reporting can be found here, where details about disability hate crime and hate crime as a whole can also be found.

Keep Safe