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JOIN OUR KIN - Key Individual Networks

Help us to better understand the needs of our communities by becoming part of the policing family and you could support in shaping local policing.


Understanding and serving all of Hertfordshire’s communities


Hertfordshire Constabulary is committed to building and maintaining good working relationships with all of the county’s diverse communities. Not only does this help the force to understand and serve all of its communities better, it is hoped that every single person - no matter what their background or circumstances - will feel they can approach the police in times of need and be taken seriously.

Key Individual NetworksKINs

The Constabulary is looking for people to join its Key Individual Networks and ultimately help to shape local policing responses to issues affecting people belonging to community groups including:

• Age
• Religion or Belief
• Race
• Disability
• Sex
• Pregnancy and Maternity
• Sexual Orientation
• Gender Reassignments
• Marriage and Civil Partnership

Who could be a KIN?

A KIN is someone or a group of people who represent a community in their local area. This could be anyone from a teacher or shop keeper, to a church leader, support group, chairperson of a women’s group or a friend of someone who has a disability.

What is involved in being a KIN?

The role of a KIN involves a person or group acting as a representative of the community unit they belong to in the local area they live.  KINs act as a conduit between the community they are representing and the police.  As a KIN, your local police may consult you from time to time on issues relevant to the particular community group you represent.

For example, the local Sikh community could be experiencing a spate of burglaries where Asian gold is being stolen. Through the relevant KIN, police would consult with the group representative to understand the impact it is having on people affected, provide reassurance and address any concerns.


Another example could be that elderly people living in retirement apartments are experiencing a recent increase in Anti-Social Behaviour. As well as dealing with this through targeted neighbourhood patrols, the KIN for this group could make us aware of the full impact the incidents are having on elderly people living in the area and what their on-going concerns are - which the force would then addresses where possible.


If you are interested in representing your community group in your local area, please fill out your details in the form below and someone will be in contact as soon as possible.



Become part of the Policing Family and help shape local policing