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Premier League club Watford FC to host Special Constable recruitment event -
Watford volunteer police officer urges locals to get involved



A Special Constable from Watford is encouraging the public to consider taking on the worthwhile and exciting role of a volunteer police officer and to attend a recruitment event at Premier League club Watford FC on Thursday, January 19.


Premier League club Watford FC to host Special Constable recruitment event


The recruitment event will be held at 7pm at Watford FC’s grounds in Vicarage Road and anyone wanting to attend should register their interest online at


In his day job 49-year-old job Special Sergeant Simon Duncan is a chief financial officer for a solar energy company and for at least 16 hours per month he volunteers as a police officer.  Simon is also based at Watford Police Station.


He said: “My day job mainly involves working with legal documents and numbers, whereas being a Special Constable requires making on-the-spot decisions and interacting with members of the public.


“I have been a Special Constable for seven years and volunteer around 40 hours per month to policing duties. I used to complain that there was never a police officer around when you wanted one, but was happy to sit watching television in the evening instead of doing anything about it. Now I do something about it and I have found it very rewarding.


“I like the interaction with people; with colleagues as well as the public. I like helping victims of crime, enforcing the law and giving something back to the community.”


He added: “At 49 I thought I was too old to become a Special Constable but that definitely was not the case.  Special Constables get sent to the same emergency reports as regular officers which include burglaries, missing people, assaults and road traffic collisions. In the last month I have responded to all of these types of incidents.


“I would really recommend joining the Special Constabulary to anyone who is looking to add something exciting, challenging and rewarding in their lives.  Why not come along to Watford FC on January 19 to find out more?


Special Sergeant Duncan will be attending the open evening should anyone want to speak to him about life as a volunteer police officer.


Special Constable Recruitment


Hertfordshire Constabulary is actively recruiting Special Constables.  It is looking for motivated team players wanting a challenge.  Special Constables have full police powers, uniform and protective equipment and work alongside the regular force.


Special Constables get involved in all areas of frontline policing - from high visibility patrols around pubs and clubs at the weekend and being called to assist at the scene of a road traffic collision or burglary to arresting offenders or reassuring and advising residents after a crime has occurred.


Aside from ‘response’ or local Safer Neighbourhood policing, there are constantly evolving opportunities to work within specialist policing environments, such as the investigation of child sexual exploitation, domestic abuse and prisoner processing.  Special Constables with specialist IT knowledge also work alongside police officers and staff who manage registered sex offenders.

Those with an interest or expertise in countryside and rural issues can become Rural Special Constables who are dedicated to the needs of rural communities.  They work alongside our Rural Operation Support Team (ROST) and local police Safer Neighbourhood Teams investigating heritage crime or wildlife offences, tackling hare coursing or poaching, to dealing with fly-tipping or the theft of heating oil.


Acting Inspector Debbie Jacyna, Specials Development Manager, said: “The opportunity to gain experience in specialist departments, at hours and dates to suit you, is uniquely available to Hertfordshire’s Special Constabulary.  We are keen to utilise specialist skills or foreign languages that officers have by deploying into the relevant department, as well as assisting with neighbourhood policing.”

Once initial training is complete, Specials are coached by regular officers to complete their Police Action Checklists and are then deemed fit for independent patrol.  On average this can take around 12 months.


The event on January 19 includes a short presentation and the opportunity to speak to serving Special Constables.  Human Resources will also be on hand to answer any questions regarding the recruitment process. Register now at