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Police in East Herts have been responding to complaints from local residents relating to motorists disregarding the traffic lights on the A120 at Little Hadham.


On Tuesday December 18, under Operation Callback, police carried out enforcement activity at the location during the ‘rush hour’ period, between 7.30am and 9.15am. As a result 11 motorists were caught jumping the traffic lights and were processed for traffic offences, which could include fines and points on licences.


On Tuesday January 8, police returned to the same location to carry out further enforcement and on this occasion 19 motorists including a bus transporting school children to various schools in Bishop’s Stortford, were stopped by a police patrol after jumping a red traffic light. Around 50 children were on the bus.


On Wednesday January 9, the same bus was stopped again by police and the number of children travelling on the bus was counted. There were 56 children on the bus, which exceeded the legal limits. Six children were removed from bus and waited with officers until the bus returned to collect them and take them on to their schools.


The driver of the bus has now been reported for dangerous driving.


Police met with the relevant partner agencies and residents on the afternoon of Wednesday January 9, who are now working to resolve the issue and local police will be monitoring the situation.


Chief Inspector for East Herts Gerry McDonald said: “We have listened to the public’s concerns and have acted to address this issue. We will continue to monitor the situation and work with our partner agencies to deal with local issues of concern.”