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Motorists Warned about Dangerous Parking     




Motorists in Bishop’s Stortford, who park inappropriately or dangerously, are being targeted by weekly police patrols.


Cars left obstructing pavements, blocking drives or parked in dangerous locations have been a continual problem in the town.


Officers from the Bishop’s Stortford Safer Neighbourhood Team have been patrolling hot spot roads for the past few weeks and have given out tickets and taken details of numerous vehicles that were dangerously and inappropriately parked.


Bishop’s Stortford Neighbourhood Sergeant Ricky Bartlett said: “We have a big problem with motorists who think that it is ok to obstruct pavements or park in locations which put other motorists and pedestrians at risk.


“Pavements are for pedestrians, not cars. By parking on the pavement, you are putting people at risk if they have to then go into the road to get past. This is especially dangerous for people using pushchairs or with young children, and wheelchair users.


“We have also seen vehicles left dangerously close to junctions or parked adjacent to other cars so that there is not enough room for emergency vehicles to get through.


“My officers will continue to monitor the areas and liaise with East Herts Council who are also responsible for parking enforcement.”