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Have a Great and Safe Time at Farr Fest



Hertfordshire Constabulary is issuing crime prevention and safety advice to people who are heading to the Farr Festival in Bygrave Woods, near Newnham, over the weekend (Thursday 13th – Saturday 15th July 2017)


 “We want people who come to the event to enjoy themselves and remain safe,” explained Superintendent Catherine Akehurst who is leading the policing operation.


“We have been in continuous contact with the organisers in the lead up to this event and will be liaising with them right across the weekend.


“We would also like to make local residents aware that there may be some disruption in the roads around the site due to the levels of traffic arriving and leaving Bygrave Woods and Newnham.


“Whilst security and stewards are there to ensure people enjoy the event, sadly we do know some criminals target events like these. We will be making use of intelligence and ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) outside the site to identify those who may attempt to target people who are there to have fun.


“I would also ask festival goers to consider some simple crime prevention and safety advice to help us. The best thing is to leave valuables at home or use the lockers on site. You can also help by reporting any suspicious activity to security.”

Don’t let thieves ruin your weekend. Follow these crime prevention tips:

Before you arrive:

The best advice is to leave valuables at home if you can.

If you are bringing expensive items such as phones and cameras, before you come to Farr Festival, take a bit of time to register any property at Therefore if it is stolen and recovered by police it can be returned to you. 

When you get here:

Vehicle Crime:
• Where possible, do not leave any valuables in your vehicles or in your tents.
• If you do have to leave items in your vehicle make sure they are hidden before you arrive in case anyone is watching.
• Open your glove compartment to show that there is nothing of value left in the vehicle.
• If you have a Sat Nav, make sure you move it out of sight and get rid of all suction marks on the windscreen.

Personal Safety:

• Don’t show off what valuables you do have with you – it could make you a target for criminals.  Put money, tickets, credit cards and mobile phones in a zipped pocket, use a money belt or store valuables in the lockers on site.
• If you’ve lost or found property please report to security.
• In the event of an incident, follow instructions from security and police.
• We do not want people’s lives to be ruined by the dangers of drugs. Officers will work closely with organisers to intercept illegal and harmful substances and those found to be in possession will face police action.
• The sale of so-called ‘legal highs’ are banned at the event. If reports of any sales are received, security and the police will take action.
• Only bring essential items to the festival, don’t leave any valuables in your tent.

Alcohol Advice:

• Know your limits and drink responsibly.  Stop when you know you have had enough.
• You can still enjoy alcohol but it is important to drink responsibly and stay safe. You can still have a great time if you alternate drinks with soft drinks or low alcohol ones.  Drink more slowly and consume alcohol with food.
• Make sure you and your friends all look after one another and get home safely.


Anyone caught supplying illegal drugs, will be dealt with appropriately by police.