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Extended jail term for offender who targeted vulnerable women



A 19 year old Bushey man who raped three women, has been given an extended prison sentence of ten years.


Jordan Hubbock targeted vulnerable women and girls who he met through social media chat forums.


After agreeing to meet him, Hubbock forced himself on his victims.


He raped a 15 year old girl who was in care, a 17 year old and a 21 year old woman in her home.


He assaulted another 17 year old girl, giving her a black eye, and he engaged in sexual activity with a 13 year old girl.


Hubbock, of Scotts Wood Close, Bushey, appeared for sentence at St Albans Crown Court on Friday (7 Nov), having been found guilty at the end of a trial of three counts of rape, assaulting the 17 year old girl occasioning her actual bodily harm and sexually activity with a child.


Deputy Circuit Judge Michael Baker QC was told the offences covered a two-year period from the end of 2011 through to 2013.


Passing sentence, the judge told Hubbock he had "banked" on his victims being too embarrassed to report him.


The judge told Hubbock he had embarked on a campaign to get his way with girls, often committing the offences when he was high on drink or drugs.


Judge Baker told Hubbock that he considered him to be a danger to the public and, for the protection of women, he was going to pass an extended sentence.


Hubbock received a ten-year jail term and was told he would have to serve two thirds of the sentence before being released on licence.


He was told the period he would remain on licence would also be extended.


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