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Psychiatrist found guilty of sexual assault



A psychiatrist has been found guilty of one count of sexual assault on a female patient.


Dr Harmadan Singh, 67 of Stevenage Road, Hitchin, was found guilty following a seven day trial at St Albans Crown court which concluded today (March 13th).


The court heard how Dr Singh asked his victim personal questions before getting her to remove clothing and inappropriately touching her.


Detective Constable Liz Heath from the Sexual Offences Investigation Team, based at Headquarters in Welwyn Garden City, said: “Dr Singh was a man in a position of trust who preyed on a vulnerable victim under his care. Today’s result indicates how seriously the courts take this type of crime and how Hertfordshire Constabulary will work tirelessly to ensure justice for the victims of sexual assaults and abuse.”


“We hope that today’s verdict will allow the victim some closure. I would urge anyone who believes they have been sexually assaulted or abused to come forward and speak to police on 101.”


Harmadan Singh was given an 18 month suspended sentence and has been made the subject of an order which will prevent him from working as a psychiatrist and if any counselling is administered he must do so under supervision.


He was also ordered to pay £3,500 in court costs and ordered to pay £1,500 in compensation to his victim.