Special Constabulary

Fitness Requirements

To become an Officer within Hertfordshire Constabulary you must be fit and in general good health. Along with checks on your General Health you will need to be able to complete two physical tests within the pass mark scales required by Hertfordshire Constabulary.  These are as below:


Bleep Test


There will be two lines set out at a distance of 15m apart. You will be required to run between these lines at the sound of the ‘Bleeps’ – each run between the lines is called a ‘shuttle’. 


As the test proceeds, the interval between each bleep reduces, requiring the candidates to run faster between the points.  Total running time is about 3 minutes 40 seconds.

Reaching level 5.4 isn't easy without practice and unfortunately we have heard many stories of applicants who have failed because they did not practice.

The bleep test for police officers has been set to level 5.4 (35ml/kg/min) as it reflects a level of health and fitness that is satisfactory.


You are required to be able to run 4 shuttles at level 5 – the speed you need to run at for four shuttles, at level five, is approximately 10 km/h.


Those who do not reach the final line within the Bleep test time will fail this test.