Special Constabulary

Medical Requirements

Your individual general medical fitness for the job will need to be verified by your own GP, Optician and The Forces Medical Practitioner.


The tests which you will need to undertake are:


An Eye Sight Test:


You will need to be able to read clearly the first two lines of the eyesight chart unaided as per an opticians test.  This equates to 6/36 unaided vision in each eye. 


Body Mass Index (BMI) Check


The healthy weight range is based on a measurement known as your body mass index (BMI). This can be determined if you know your weight and your height. The actual calculation is your weight (in kilograms) divided by your height (in metres) squared.


Guidance and easy to use charts on how to calculate your BMI can be found by clicking Web Link here.


The NHS advises that a BMI of 18.5 to 24.9 suggests a normal healthy weight. This means your body is not a risk of weight-related disease.
Inaccuracies in BMI can occur if you are athlete or very muscular as this can give you a higher BMI even if you have a healthy level of body fat. In these cases as part of the recruitment process, we will be able to provide a simple test to assess the percentage of your body fat.


BMI standards for Police Officers are set by the Home Office. The current Home Office Circular 59/2004 outlines this as between 18 to 30. Applicants who do not meet this standard may find their application delayed and/or will not be appointed.


You can use a BMI calculator by clicking Web Link here.


General Health Check


This is a range of tests including the normal blood pressure checks / hearing tests and associated health checks.


Web Link The Home Office standards can be accessed by clicking here.


If you have any medical condition, recent injury, recent surgery or a condition that you are being medicated for, we suggest you take the above standards to your GP and discuss with them to determine whether any of these conditions may preclude you from applying.


Should you be deemed unfit for the job based upon your individual circumstances then at that point you will be informed you will no longer be able to continue with an application on these grounds.


Should you pass the Medical Requirements standard your application will be continued forwards to the next level.