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Special Constabulary

Special Constabulary

Volunteer for Something 'Special'!


** Are you interested in volunteering to do something Special? Why not come along to our recruitment event at Police HQ, Welwyn Garden City, on Wednesday, 25th May at 7pm. Places are filling up fast! Book your place **


WANT to put something back into the community or find out first hand what it is like being a police officer?


You will not get a more rewarding opportunity as a volunteer to improve the quality of life within your own community and deal with a variety of challenges and develop a range of skills.


Special Constables have the same powers and training as regular officers – the only difference is that they are volunteers. They play a valuable role in solving quality of life issues, reassuring members of the public, saving lives and responding to emergencies.


And in return, Special Constables receive excellent training and a wealth of opportunities and experience.


They deal with local people and local issues and can be attached to intervention teams (responding to emergency 999 calls), neighbourhood teams or any of the specialist posts including Rural Special Constables and Crime Management Special Constables.


They work alongside regular officers as part of the extended police family, which also includes Police Community Support Officers (PCSOs), volunteers and accredited staff from other organisation.


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