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Special Constabulary

Specials Training

Training... What Can I Expect?

Hertfordshire Constabulary recognises the important role of the Special Constabulary and has invested in its training programme to make sure officers are fully equipped to deal with the situations they may be faced with.


The initial training course is completed at Six Hills training centre in Stevenage and Force Headquarters in Welwyn Garden City.


A week-long ‘crammer’ course (Sunday to Saturday) followed by seven Saturdays.


Most days are from 9am to 5pm. Over the course of the programme, you'll receive a firm grounding in legal powers and procedures, communications, traffic laws, first-aid and self-defence. And by the final week, you should be ready to take your oath of allegiance, receive your warrant card – and go out on your first shift.


Over the next year you will get more training in Statement Writing and various other specialist training.


The development of a Special Constable takes two years and you will be expected to complete a Professional Development Portfolio during that time.


You will learn skills that you can transfer into all walks of life and we will support you all the way.