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Special Constabulary

The Application Process

The Selection Process - Six Simple Steps...


To become a Special Constable in Hertfordshire, there are several stages to go through before you are given police powers. But don’t worry, there is always help at hand from someone who has been there and knows exactly what you are going through.


For a guide to help you avoid making some common mistakes on the application form, please click here.


Step 1 – your application form is checked to ensure that you meet the criteria - for example, you have compatible employment and no previous convictions. You will then be invited to an awareness evening where you can find out about being a Special Constable.

Should you wish to go on a ‘ride along’ where you will be able to experience first-hand what it is like to be a police officer – speak to the officers and staff at the awareness evening.

Step 2 – you will be invited to an assessment centre at Six Hills in Stevenage where you will be asked to do an interview, written test and verbal logical reasoning test.


Step 3 – the Occupational Health Unit will check your medical questionnaire to ensure you have no medical condition which would stop you from joining.

Step 4 – you must pass a physical health examination at the Occupational Health Unit.

Step 5 – you must pass the national fitness test – the same one regular officers have to.

Step 6 – you must pass a security vetting process.

Once you have successfully passed these steps, you will be placed on the next training course, which take regularly throughout the year.

To celebrate your success, you and your family will be invited to a graduation ceremony.


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For more details of the fitness test, please click here.


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