Special Constabulary

What is a Special?

What is a Special Constable?

The Special Constabulary is made up of men and women who want to work with regular police officers in their spare time. Most specials have full-time jobs or are students.


Who is a Special Constable?

Specials come from a diverse range of backgrounds with a variety of skills - but to join, you must be aged at least 18, be in general good health and be willing to spare at least 16 hours a month. There are some occupations which are incompatible with being a Special Constable – they include the armed forces, traffic wardens, parking attendants, those involved with the administration of the law and those employed in private security organisations.


Why become a Special Constable?

People become specials for all kinds of reasons – the most common one is giving something back to the community. Many of the Force’s specials who join up for this reason, have well paid jobs and see themselves having the best of both worlds by being a Special Constable in their spare time. Other Special Constables join to see what life is like as a police officer before making the commitment to join up as a regular.


When can I perform my duties?

The majority of our current Specials Constables have full-time jobs and tend to work evenings and weekends. However, there are a range of exciting opportunities available to new recruits, which include work during the day. A range of duties are available to fit in with your schedule but you must complete at least 16 hours duty time a month.


Where can I be a Special Constable?

You have a say in where you are posted as a special – some officers prefer not to work in their local area whilst others see that as an advantage. We will try and accommodate your preferences as we value your contribution.