Safer Neighbourhoods Awards 2012

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Local Community Safety Champions Announced in Stevenage

SNH Awards 2012: Stevenage

Hertfordshire Police Authority has named the regional winners for the annual Safer Neighbourhood Awards 2012.  The winners are invited to a ceremony at Hertford’s County Hall in May, where the overall county title winners will be announced on the night.


A local panel of judges from the Police Authority, Constabulary and Stevenage Borough Council went through dozens of nominations to select the deserving winners.  They were:


Community Safety Citizen’s Award
Stevenage Street Pastors


The Stevenage Street Pastors are a voluntary group and were nominated for the award as a result of the good work they do in Stevenage looking after vulnerable young people on Friday and Saturday nights. They work in the town and on the leisure park making sure young people can get home safely and often providing water, foil blankets and more suitable footwear for girls, if they need it, to enable them to get home.


Neighbourhood Police Officer of the Year Award
PC Caroline Brown from the Stevenage SNT


Caroline received a letter of thanks from a local resident regarding the fact that his quality of life has significantly improved as a result of her efforts and the work of her team in tackling anti- social behaviour  (ASB) in his area. This relates to a section 30 dispersal order that has reduced ASB from youths significantly since August 2011 to the present day.


Caroline created Op Ability to tackle drug dealing and associated ASB in the Oval area. Days of action were planned involving uniformed officers and officers in plain clothes patrolling the area and obtaining intelligence, conducting drug searches and stop accounts. Once intelligence had been obtained, six drug warrants were obtained and executed simultaneously in 2011 resulting in drug seizures and arrests by a large amount of officers. This sent a clear message to the offenders that police and the public would not tolerate such behaviour in the locality. It is clear that ASB levels have reduced in the locality as a result of Caroline’s efforts, to an historical low.

Caroline has also forged close working relationships with her local councillors, notably the mayor of Stevenage - Carol Latiffe. Also Catherine has been at the centre of Pride of St Nicholas, which is a project that promotes community spirit within St Nicholas.


Police Community Support Officer (PCSO) of the Year Award
PCSO Craig Rogers from the Stevenage Neighbourhood Team


Craig reviews management information daily, and directs his visible patrolling to the areas within his ward where he believes he is needed. As a result he is often in the right place to catch drug dealing.


On one occasion he was able to chase a drug dealer who he had disturbed in the act of dealing. With another PCSO, Craig chased caught and detained the suspect in Stevenage Old Town and contained the situation until other officers arrived. The outcome was that the man was charged with Possession with Intent to Supply Controlled Substances.


On another occasion Craig chased, caught and detained a man who had decamped from a car that had crashed in Stevenage. Craig was chaperoning a new PCSO at the time, and was able to ensure the safety of this officer whilst safely pursuing the suspect and maintaining commentary. At the end of the pursuit he then detained the violent man until more officers arrived.


Craig also received a letter of appreciation from a member of the public regarding  anti- social behaviour in Epsom Close and its reduction following the implementation of S30 Dispersal Order.

Neighbourhood Policing Team of the Year Award
St Nicholas and Martin’s Wood Neighbourhood Team
PC Caroline Brown, PCSO Craig Rogers and PCSO Mark Howard


The team have reduced anti-social behaviour within the St Nicholas locality - most notably in relation to the Epsom Close area as a result of a section 30 dispersal order for six months, a street meet, a street survey, regular patrols with other Safer Neighbourhood Team officers and the Specials, regular visits and updates to residents for reassurance and the use of CCTV.


This team has also targeted crime series such as a spate of shopliftings at the co-op where nine photos of unidentified offenders from CCTV were placed into the local paper and eight of the nine offenders were subsequently arrested and charged.


Six drug warrants were also executed as a result of intelligence work submitted by this team targeting a local gang. All six addresses within this locality were searched simultaneously with drugs seized and arrests made. This has reduced drug dealing around the Oval area.

Nigel Brook, Police Authority Lead for Stevenage said: “These awards are a great opportunity to recognise the excellent work of police officers, PCSOs and members of the public who work together to help keep local communities safe.  I have been very impressed with the number of nominations we received this year from members of the public and local partners.


“It has been a difficult decision to identify those who should go forward to the County judging panel.  The heat winners were agreed by the judging panel because of their exemplary contribution to local communities, and helping to keep Stevenage safe.  However, I would like to express my thanks and appreciation to everyone who took the time to make nominations, and of course to those who were nominated for all of their excellent work.”


Chief Inspector for Stevenage, Richard Liversidge added: “It is great that people have taken the time to nominate both members of my teams and others in the community with whom we work. All are very worthy nominations for the award and it is great to see their good work recognised in this way.”


Nominations opened in December 2011 to members of the public and ‘partners’ of the Constabulary from across Hertfordshire, including local councils, the Fire & Rescue Service and voluntary groups, such as Neighbourhood Watch.


Hundreds of nominations were received online and have contributed to one of the most hotly-contested Safer Neighbourhoods Awards in its six-year history.