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Alarm systems

Security and intruder alarms can be excellent deterrents against burglary. Burglars don’t want to be seen or heard - time and noise are their enemies. Always set your alarm when leaving your home and if you don’t have an alarm, you may wish to consider having one installed.

Research has shown that intruder alarms act as an effective deterrent for burglars. We advise that alarms should be considered as an addition to physical security such as locks, hedges and gates.

Choosing an alarm

There are two main types of alarm systems to consider for your home including;

  • audible only - which activates an internal or external siren to call attention to the property
  • remotely monitored system - which sends a signal to a central monitoring station who will call the keyholder, neighbour or even the police if you require it.

Visit the Secured by Design website for more advice on which alarm system is right for you.

Selecting an alarm installer

There are many different alarm installers and so we advise you gain at least two quotations from reputable installers. If you require a monitored alarm system, ensure the installer is a current member of a recognised trade association, such as SSAIB or NSI (NACOSS).

Visit the Secured by Design website for more information on how to install your alarm system safely.

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