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Cybercrime has grown rapidly in recent years and often victims are lose thousands of pounds to cyber criminals.

Fraud and cyber crime make up nearly half of all crime committed in the UK and the best way to protect yourself from these types of crime is to follow simple crime prevention advice.

Victims of fraud in Hertfordshire are asked to report crimes via Action Fraud – a national centre, launched by the National Fraud Authority, providing a single point of contact for reporting all types of fraud, including investment, credit card and consumer fraud, as well as identity theft, doorstep fraud and online fraud.

To help you recognise and tackle fraud, Hertfordshire Constabulary has compiled this crime prevention advice to inform you of common and emerging frauds that are affecting people both nationally and locally, together with tips to help you stay safe.

These videos give advice on cybercrime and have been made with subtitles and British Sign Langauge for those with hearing impairment.


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The Eastern Cyber Resilience Centre (ECRC) is part of a network of centres beingestablished across the country to provide businesses and organisations, with an affordable way to access cyber security services and consultancy to help protect themselves from attack.

Their ntegrated range of cyber security services are designed to help businesses assess, build and manage online networks. They also assist businesses and their staff to have the right strategies to respond to incidents efficiently and so migrate any potential damage a cyber-attack may create. Our skilled Cyber Security Consultants deliver all our services and work with staff to build their cyber awareness, understand the latest cyber threats and secure the business's online environment. 

Visit the Eastern Cyber Resilience Centre website to find out more(opens in new window).

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