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Mobile device security

Mobile devices are very intelligent tools, giving us the freedom to contact friends and family, browse the internet and communicate on social media. As mobile devices are accessible, you should consider protecting the information stored on it, as well as when and how you use it.

You can help keep your mobile, tablet or other mobile device safe from thieves by making it difficult for them to use, for example . Our advice is to;

  • be alert and aware of your surroundings when out and about
  • try not to use your device/s in very crowded places where it could be snatched
  • keep your device/s with you at all times
  • never leave your device/s in your car when left unattended
  • install a tracking app to your device/s as this can help us recover your device.

Using your mobile device

Learn how to use your mobile properly and only share videos or photos with friends and family. Be careful about the images you share with others by email, text or social media.

Don't allow anyone you don't know and trust to take a photo or video of you as it could easily end up on someone else’s phone, social media account or even a website.

Protecting your mobile device

Keep your mobile devices and information on them secure if they are ever lost or stolen, by making them difficult to use by installing security software and using strong passwords. We advise you;

  • register mobile devices with the free Immobilise service, so that if it’s lost or stolen we are able to return it to you if it’s recovered
  • try to avoid using your device in crowded places where it could be snatched from you
  • always remove devices, including sat navs, from your vehicle when left unattended
  • report stolen phones or tablets to us and to your network provider. Your network can bar calls from a stolen phone, as long as it’s been registered
  • consider installing a tracking app on your devices. Tracking apps can help locate lost phones or tablets and help officers recover stolen devices by using its GPS signal.

Find more information on the Police UK website.

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