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Social media safety

While social media websites can be fun and provide an easy way to communicate with friends and family online, you must be careful how you use social media.

If you have a social media account, we recommend you;

  • review your privacy settings regularly to ensure only the people you trust can read your profile and updates
  • review where you are tagged in photos, don't allow image GPS tagging settings give away your location
  • be careful who you befriend online as some people may not be who they say they are, while others may say nasty or inappropriate things
  • don't share any personal details about yourself online or to anyone you do not know and trust for example; your date of birth, your school, college or place of work, your address or your contact information
  • try to put as little personal information as possible on social networking websites to avoid people knowing too much about you
  • consider the information you post online, for example; posting that you own a new expensive item like a car or piece of jewellery or that you're going away on holiday, therefore advertising your house may be empty
  • carefully consider what photos you share online and what impression this gives, for example, ensure they are appropriate, unoffensive, don't indicate any personal details about you and are legal.

Social media harrassment

If you are ever harrassed or bullied online, you should report this directly through the social networking website.

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