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Request a collision report

Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire and Hertfordshire's joint Collisions Administration Unit is responsible for the administration of collisions recorded by the three forces.

If you're an insurer or solicitor looking to gain a copy of an abstract collision report form, or third party details, please complete the following form to do so.

Collision reports

Please be reminded that not all collisions require officers to complete a collision report. They only do so in cases where;

  • the collision caused an injury and the incident was reported at the time
  • one of the parties involved failed to stop at the scene and exchange details.

These terms apply even when a police officer attends the scene.

Collision reports are not received immediately by the Collisions Administration Unit. Because of this, we recommend insurers and solicitors do not submit collision reference number requests until a minimum of 21 days after the collision.

Obtaining a collision reference number

To obtain a copy of a collision report form, you will first need a collision reference number which you can gain either from the driver or by making a  request via our online form. In most cases the reference number will be in one of the two following formats;


(Where 'N' denotes a number and 'X' denotes a letter.)

If the reference number you have is different and the collision occurred after 2012, please request a reference number by completing the collision reference number form. 

If the reference number is not in the format shown above, and the incident occurred before 2013,  please email our collisions team.

Cost of submitting a request

There are fees applied to requesting a collision report form or third party details.  Please note that the fees must be paid via BACS after completing the form.  Instructions and payment details will be provided upon form submission.  The fees are;

  • Abstract police collision report form - £100.70
  • Third party details - £35.80

A valid collision reference number is required to make a request for copies of information held on collision files, and any refunds requested where incorrect details have been provided by the requesting party will be subject to an administration fee.

Reports and details

An abstract collision report includes copies of up to three witness statements where the witness has agreed that the police may disclose their document. Additionally, the witness's personal details will only be disclosed if the they have given their consent. Please note, this collision report will not be released until the police file has been finalised.

Third party details can only be disclosed where these have been confirmed.

Please be aware that by requesting this information, you are confirming that you have a suitable involvement in the incident or are acting on behalf of an individual who is involved.


To complete this form you will need:
  • Your company details
  • A collision reference number (if you do not have one, one can be requested by completing this form
  • Your client's personal information
  • The type of report being requested


Approximate time to complete this form: 10 minutes.
A one-off online payment will be required post submission of this form via BACS prior to the release of any documentation.  Payment details and instructions will be provided after the submission page.  

Once you submit your form you will be given a reference number and our banking information.  You will need to complete an online payment via BACS putting the reference number given as the payment reference.  It is very important to enter the reference number exactly how it is shown as incorrect entry may mean that your application is deemed invalid and you may still be charged.


  • Please only use this form if you have a collision reference number in the correct format as indicated above.
  • Can you confirm that your company has the capability to send a payment via BACS?


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