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About the job

If you’ve completed your probationary period and are currently a serving police constable with another Home Office force, and if we are open for transferees, then you can apply for a transfer to us.

You’ll become a familiar face and a respected figure, not only in Hertfordshire, but also - thanks to our collaborative approach - in Cambridgeshire and Bedfordshire.

On occasion, we will also invite applications from higher ranks, and you’ll find information here when those opportunities arise.

We pride ourselves on recognising people with real potential. It’s the reason we offer our officers so much support, motivation and training; because as they improve, so will our force.

Once you apply to transfer, you’ll find that we can help you realise your ambitions and develop your career. We’ve tangibly reduced crime rates, and you’ll help us ensure that this continues. In the process, you’ll have the opportunity to raise your profile and take on serious policing challenges. More than that, you’ll do it in a unique and picturesque setting that balances busy urban centres with rural villages.

Whether you want to specialise in a specific area of policing, or make your way up through the ranks, our experienced leaders can help you get there. Simply bring us your talent, dedication and enthusiasm, and we’ll welcome you to the team.

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