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Your training will be at one of two training establishments in Letchworth or Stevenage Police Stations.

Recruitment update for police officers – coronavirus (COVID-19)

In light of the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, we wanted to update you on the current position for the continuation of our recruitment processes.

Welcoming future police officers is as important as ever and recruiting individuals that are passionate about making a difference to the communities we serve.

We are making some changes to some of the recruitment elements in our process to be able to do these virtually, some of which are already in place and some to get in place as quickly as we can. Local forces are now running virtual interviews and we are working with the College of Policing on a virtual national force assessment centre which we expect to be ready in the coming weeks. This means a change for the timeframe of the process and we will keep you up-to-date with the progress of your application.

Our recruitment team are committed to supporting you and appreciate current circumstances may mean more questions, so please drop us a note with any questions you have at:

We look forward to receiving your application and progressing the ones we have already received!

Once you have successfully passed the assessment process, cleared all pre-appointment checks, and been offered a start date, you will be sent an e-learning course that must be completed.

You will then attend an 16 week course, during which your knowledge of the law will be tested with regular skills development exercises, as well as written exams.  You will also receive personal safety training and IT training.

Once you leave training school and join an intervention team, you will be assessed by an officer from the Professional Development Unit who will work with you for the remainder of the probation period to assist you to complete your OneFile portfolio. The initial ten weeks with the intervention team will be spent with a coach who will guide and assist you to reach Fit for Independent Patrol status, when you will be able to patrol on your own. During your probationary period, the PDU assessor will observe you periodically, conduct recorded discussions and you will also compile written evidence towards the portfolio, with the aim of completing this before the end of the probation period.

Now that you have found out more about being a police officer with us, why don't you register your interest.

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