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Recruitment guides

The Positive Action Team has produced a number of recruitment guides that offer insights into the various stages of application, from initial registration through to your final offer of employment.

The guides are fully interactive PowerPoint presentations that are short, easy to access, and straight to the point.

Guide 1 deals with the current eligibility criteria for those applying to become a police constable, and covers such topics as vetting, nationality and right to work.

Guide 2 deals with your entire recruitment journey, from initial registration on our recruitment website to receiving your final offer of employment.

Guide 3 specifically with the application form, including the competencies to which it refers and helpful tips to help you answer the 10 questions using your experiences and decision-making skills.

Guide 4 deals with the assessment process, which is currently on line due to COVID-19 restrictions. This presentation includes details of the Competencies and Values framework, and preparation tips for the 4 exercises.

Guide 5 deals with the current policy around tattoos, which was recently amended to accommodate certain exceptions. This guide includes instructions on to how to declare your tattoos when applying to become a police constable.

Guide 6 deals with the Code of Ethics and the Policing Principles which set the standards of professional behaviour to which you will be expected to adhere as a police constable in Hertfordshire Constabulary.

Recruitment presentations (Microsoft PowerPoint)

Insight booklet

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