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Keep Safe scheme

‘Keep Safe’ is a community safety scheme that aims to support people with learning disabilities to keep safe and get help in an emergency when out and about in Hertfordshire.

We run the scheme in partnership with learning disability charity Herts People First and local people who have learning disabilities.

How does Keep Safe work?

In towns across Hertfordshire, there are in the region of 300 Keep Safe premises.

As part of the scheme, local people with learning disabilities and police Safer Neighbourhood Teams (SNT) work together to invite retailers, businesses and public services from their areas - such as libraries and community centres - to join the initiative.

Those signed up to the scheme agree to support people with learning disabilities by providing them with a place to make a phone call to speak to a parent, support worker or contact the emergency services. This could be for any reason from feeing threatened or being lost, to having witnessed a car accident or any other emergency incident.

Herts People First and Hertfordshire Constabulary have received very positive feedback from people with learning disabilities about the Keep Safe scheme.

The Keep Safe sticker

To ensure the retailers, business premises and public services are easily identifiable to people with learning disabilities, they display an orange ‘Keep Safe’ sticker in their windows.

Once a person with a learning disability has recognised the orange Keep Safe sticker they will show their Keep Safe card or key ring - where they can store their chosen emergency telephone contact number - to the shop keeper.

They may also show the small Keep Safe sticker which they can keep on a personal contact card or a mobile phone. A phone with a small Keep Safe sticker will have an ‘In Case of Emergency’ (ICE) number on it.

What happens after signing up to Keep Safe?

Once a retailer, business or public service signs up to Keep Safe they are given an information pack and are invited to meet people with learning disabilities living in the area and Police Community Support Officers (PCSOs) from the local Safer Neighbourhood Team, who together explain how the scheme works.

Would you like to take part in the scheme?

Contact your local Safer Neighbourhood Team via the non-emergency number 101 for further information.

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