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Objective 4

Hertfordshire Equality Duty Objectives: April 2016–2020

Policing Hertfordshire for everyone 

Objective 4 (Internal) - Building a Diverse Workforce - The Constabulary aims to better understand its workforce and shape recruitment, retention and progression activity (including positive action) informed by engagement with under-represented groups in our communities and the experiences of under-represented members of our workforce e.g. through exit interview feedback and opinion surveys.  

1) What we need to do

Engage with community groups and recruitment experts regarding ways to improve attraction rates of candidates from under-represented groups and carry out positive action initiatives to support and encourage them through the application process. Gap identified through HR data showing that the Constabulary’s work-force is under-represented by people from a Visible Ethnic Minority (VEM) background.


  1. To better understand our workforce in relation to people with Protected Characteristics
  2. Progress the BCH tri-force Positive Action Strategy within Hertfordshire and evaluate each recruitment activity to assess our performance to recruit staff from a Visible Ethnic Minority background
  3. Evaluation of each recruitment activity in relation to any other identified under-represented Protected Characteristic groups.  
  4. Demonstrate commitment to the College of Policing BME Progression 2018 programme  
  5. Participate in the Police Now programme.  Aim to recruit 24 BME employees across Beds, Herts & Cambs.  
  6. Work with the College of Policing to increase the number of female and visible ethnic minority officers in the Constabulary on the ‘Fast Track’ scheme which provides direct entry at Inspector and Superintendent Ranks 


  • Each recruitment campaign to evidence that we are recruiting staff from a Visible Ethnic Minority background
  • Evaluation of evidence provided to the College of Policing to highlight the success of the BME 2018 Programme 

2) What we need to do

Review promotion processes by working with internal stakeholders to ensure equality of opportunity is fair and transparent.  Gap identified through HR data, staff surveys and Fairness at Work cases.


  1. Staff Survey results
  2. Results of any surveys particularly targeted at under-represented groups 
  3. Continue to review our promotion processes and include our support groups within the promotion process – on-going commitment  
  4. To continue to develop a range of bespoke development opportunities such as the College of Policing’s ’Releasing Potential’ initiative aimed to support female and Black and Minority Ethnic officers.      


  • Workforce profile demonstrates improved levels of diversity across all business areas and in all ranks and grades
  • Improvement in staff satisfaction demonstrated through surveys (Staff survey and employee engagement)
  • The number of female and visible ethnic minority officers in the Constabulary who apply and are selected for the ’Releasing Potential’ initiative. 

3) What we need to do

Support the staff networks to enable them to contribute at every opportunity, enhancing and embedding equality and inclusion throughout the organisation


  1. Review the service level agreement between Hertfordshire Constabulary and the staff networks and ensure we provide opportunities for the staff networks to raise and communicate current or emerging issues/concerns and work streams affecting the organisation or individuals  


  • Satisfaction of the workforce represented by the Support Groups as evidenced in the ‘Your Voice Matters’ staff survey (July 2016 will act as baseline).  

What our outcomes will be

Recruitment campaigns in Hertfordshire Constabulary will result in the Force being representative of the community it serves. With more successful candidates being from under-represented groups this will lead to a more diverse workforce at all levels and across all business areas, resulting in improved levels of staff satisfaction and employee engagement.    All under-represented groups feel better supported by the organisation

We will deliver this through the following plans / activities 

  • Delivery of the workforce recruitment plan and the retention and progression plan
  • Engagement with external and internal stakeholders
  • Positive action initiatives
  • Improved understanding of the barriers that under-represented groups may face
  • Development of transparent processes with the engagement and involvement of staff associations and staff support groups.

Source of objective  

  • Business needs analysis
  • National and local census data
  • Staff survey results
  • Employee Engagement results
  • Workforce profiling
  • Benchmarking against 2012 – 2016 Objectives

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