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Objective 6

Hertfordshire Equality Duty Objectives: April 2016–2020

Policing Hertfordshire for everyone 

Objective 6 (Internal) - Integrating Equality into Core Business – The Constabulary will meet the three duties of the Equality Act across all business areas 

1) What we need to do

Strengthen the existing processes to ensure we gather information and evidence across all areas of our work that demonstrate promotion of the Equality Duties. 


  1. Further develop the structure and process to measure equality performance ensuring a robust process for capturing Equality Duty Evidence 


  • Accurate and timely collation of Equality Duty evidence and data 

2) What we need to do

Engage with workforce and staff groups to ensure the Constabulary are taking all aspects of the Equality Duty and the Code of Ethics into consideration when making policy and decisions by ensuring policy makers research and analyse relevant data to inform decisions and support standard operating procedures through quality Equality Impact Assessments


  1. Strengthen our processes to ensure Equality Impact Assessments  (EIAs) are embedded in all standard operating procedures, and change programmes
  2. EIAs should be sent to Equality & Inclusion Board for approval/comment by exception


  • Use the equality evidence and data captured across the Constabulary to assess performance and identify gaps in our performance. 

3) What we need to do

Embed the Codes of Ethics into the fabric of the Constabulary by ensuring that all staff have been trained and practice the code of ethics in all areas of daily business.


  1. Ensure that all staff have received training in maintaining professional boundaries by April 2017
  2. The Ethics Committee to ensure fairness for all employees by developing a fully representative consultative panel to include non-mandatory consultees
  3. To address any perceived culture of unfairness to staff due to their Protected Characteristics, leading them to feel disadvantaged (to be led by the Equality & Inclusion Board).
  4. Ensure cultural values continue to be reinforced to minimise incidents of misconduct where the Code of Ethics has been breached in such a way that it will bring the Constabulary into serious disrepute, particularly cases involving predatory behaviour towards vulnerable member of the public.     


  • The numbers of staff  that have received the training by April 2017 as evidenced by the Development Plan
  • Have a fully representative consultative panel by April 2018
  • Evaluation of Fairness at Work submissions and staff feedback (through things such as staff surveys and exit interviews) to understand feelings of perceived discrimination and unfairness.     
  • A reduction serious complaints measured through professional standards and misconduct hearings  where the Code of Ethics has clearly been breached – April 2020 

What our outcome will be 

  • The Constabulary’s has an ethical workforce that is compliant with the Equality Duty and Code of Ethics.

We will deliver this through the following plans / activities 

  • Robust equality impact of decisions, policy change and implementation
  • Quality assurance processes
  • Collaboration Team Leadership
  • Equality & Inclusion Board
  • Ethics and Integrity Board 

Source of objective 

  • Equality Duty requirements
  • Code of ethics
  • Benchmarking against 2012 – 2016 Objectives

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