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Acting Sergeant Steve Alison

LGBT Liaison Officer

Acting Sergeant Steve Alison is based within North Watford’s Safer Neighbourhood Team and has been with the force for five years.

Steve has been one of the force’s Lesbian and Gay Liaison Officers (LAGLOs) for three years and can be contacted by members of the public who have experienced a homophobic, biphobic or transphobic crime or incident for advice and support. 

Steve said: “As a LAGLO I am able to get out into the community and attend LGBT events discussing same sex domestic abuse and how to report hate crimes.  I have also advised fellow officers dealing with crimes affecting members of the LGBT community and have had the chance to support LGBT victims. 

“LAGLOs are so important as victims from the LGBT community have the chance to talk to someone who understands what they are going through and can talk to them on the same level.  LAGLOs have been trained to understand the issues facing the LGBT community, such as the coming out process - which can be a very stressful time for LGBT people and their families. 

“LAGLOs can also offer additional support and specialist advice on LGBT issues.  They can be a point of contact within the police to make reporting a hate crime or domestic issue easier. 

“Members of the LGBT community should never feel anxious about contacting the police, but if they do or would like to speak to someone they know will understand the problems and issues facing them, they should not hesitate to ask to speak to a LAGLO.”

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