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PC Beccy Driscoll


PC Beccy Driscoll is a Hate Crime Officer covering Stevenage and North Herts.  She is based at Hitchin Police Station and has been a police officer for 29 years.

Beccy has been one of the force’s LBGT+ Liaison Officers for six years and can be contacted by members of the public who have experienced a homophobic, biphobic or transphobic crime or incident for advice and support. 

She said: “After working as a Hate Crime officer, I felt I had a good breadth of experience to also support members of the LGBT+ community.  I also wanted to be able to advise my fellow colleagues and share my knowledge about supporting the LGBT+ community should they event need it. 

“I love my role as a LBGT+ Liaison Officer as through it have worked with very interesting and helpful people from the LGBT+ community.  I have also had the chance to work with local schools, mental health organisations, LGBT+ groups and transgender support networks.  I have also supported in the investigation of homophobic and transphobic crimes. 

“It is so important that members of the LGBT+ community are aware of what is unacceptable behaviour, what can be put in place to help them should they become a victim of crime and how to report it.  

“The crucial message I like to get through to our local LGBT+ people is that the Constabulary takes all forms of hate crime seriously, including that targeted to the LGBT+ community and that we will treat you seriously and with sensitivity if you do ever have to contact us.  If you find yourself a victim of crime, ask to speak to a LBGT+ Liaison Officer and remember you are in control of what we can do for and or with you.”

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