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FOIs - 2019

Published freedom of information requests for Hertfordshire, 2019.


November's FOI publications

 Freedom of Information response regarding:Date published


Arrests for drug offences on children under 16 and Annex A 18/11/2019


Mobile phone and digital device extraction technology and practices



Social media evidence used 06/11/2019


Death threats against MP's 04/11/2019


IMSI catchers  04/11/2019


Forensic analysis 04/11/2019

October's FOI publications

 Freedom of Information response regarding:Date published


AnyVision 30/10/2019


Cybercrime training 30/10/2019


Tool thefts and Annex A 28/10/2019


Suicide Act 28/10/2019


Supply of class A drugs 24/10/2019


Woodmere Avenue width restriction 24/10/2019


Smart motorways 15/10/2019


Sight impaired trauma 14/10/2019


Females arrested for possession with intent to supply and Annex A 09/10/2019


Salaries for new students 08/10/2019


Domestic burglaries and Annex A 07/10/2019


Sexual assaults recorded in hospitals 07/10/2019 


Disability hate crimes 04/10/2019

September's FOI publications

 Freedom of Information response regarding:Date published


Crimes including the word "Christmas" and Annex A 26/09/2019


Reported domestic abuse and Annex A 26/09/2019


Traffic light cameras 25/09/2019


Woodmere Avenue width restriction and Annex A 24/09/2019


Eastern Electrics Festival crime and Annex A 24/09/2019


Osman Warnings 23/09/2019


Vehicles destroyed following a road traffic accident 19/09/2019


Crimes for drink driving or under the influence and Annex A 19/09/2019


Suspected speeders 06/09/2019


Cyber security crimes 05/09/2019


Offender's recorded as a student and Annex A  05/09/2019


Number of staff in each employment band  02/09/2019



August's FOI publications

 Freedom of Information response regarding:Date published


Thefts of parcels 28/08/2019


Articles with a blade or point on school premises 27/08/2019


Body worn cameras purchased 27/08/2019


Number of mistakes made in Hertfordshire 19/08/2019


Intimate partner violence reports with the LGBT community 15/08/2019


Subject Access Requests 14/08/2019


Bank cards reported lost or stolen and Annex A 13/08/2019


"No deal" Brexit spend 13/08/2019


Dangerous weapons confiscated from schools and Annex A 13/08/2019


Rape and sexual offences 09/08/2019


Domestic violence offenders and Annex A  09/08/2019


Homicides reported 01/08/2019

July's FOI publications

 Freedom of Information response regarding:Date published


Number of employed detectives 31/07/2019


Mental Health incidents 31/07/2019


Electric scooter offences 31/07/2019


Money paid to officers in compensation 29/07/2019


Revenge porn and Annex A 29/07/2019


Stop and search and Annex A  26/07/2019


Reruits from Police Now 25/07/2019


Suspicion of drink driving and Annex A 24/07/2019


Dogs reported stolen and Annex A 23/07/2019


"Upskirting" reports 23/07/2019


Registered sex offenders 23/07/2019


Speeding ticket offenes 18/07/2019


Road rage incidents 18/07/2019


Tools and tactics used by your local force 17/07/2019


Police officers facing criminal charges  16/07/2019


Howlands House, Welwyn Garden City   


Cannabis offences and Annex A 15/07/2019


Incidents that include the word "crossbow" and Annex A 15/07/2019


Vagrancy Act of 1824 10/07/2019


Reports of stalking and Annex A 10/07/2019


Number of 999 and 101 calls 10/07/2019


Mental Health support 10/07/2019


Suspect perpetrat  


Special Constables 09/07/2019


Dementia patients 08/07/2019


Crime Statistics 08/07/2019


Homophobic hate crimes and Annex A 05/07/2019


Procurement system 03/07/2019


Excess speed 02/07/2019

June's FOI publications

 Freedom of Information response regarding:Date published


Crimes recorded on the premises of pharmacies 27/06/2019


Mental Health 27/06/2019


Days taken off work due to mental health 26/06/2019


Vehicles held for evidence investigation 26/06/2019


Operational use of police body worn cameras and Annex A 26/06/2019


Items stolen form police stations and vehicles 26/06/2019


Child arrests/human trafficking and slavery training and Annex A 24/06/2019


Sexual Offences 24/06/2019


Hate crime via social media 24/06/2019


Number of 999 and 101 calls 18/06/2019


Incidents of animal cruelty and Annex A 18/06/2019


Speeding ticket 17/06/2019


Recorded domestic homicides 17/06/2019


Matchday policing operations 17/06/2019


Sex offenders 14/06/2019


Stalking and Annex A 13/06/2019


Police custody 11/06/2019


Camera sites 11/06/2019


Crimes relation to "vegan" and Annex A 10/06/2019


Corruption offences 10/06/2019


Rape and sexual offences and Annex A 10/06/2019


Reports of possession of a pointed or bladed article 06/06/2019



May's FOI publications

 Freedom of Information response regarding:Date published


Sex Offenders Register 30/05/2019


Drug offences where a social media platform is mentioned and Annex A 30/05/2019


Operational dog handlers 30/05/2019


Incidents of stalking and Annex A 30/05/2019


Incidents of drink-spiking 28/05/2019


Unlicensed music events/illegal raves and Annex A 28/05/2019


Suicide 23/05/2019


Crimes taking place in schools 23/05/2019


Number of arrests made on adult women 20/05/2019


Drone and UAV related calls and Annex A 20/05/2019


Knife or bladed articles found in possesion of a student and Annex A 17/05/2019


Religious hate crimes recorded and Annex A 17/05/2019


Number of professional footballers reported for rape 17/05/2019


Pedestrians hit by cyclists 16/05/2019


Homicide offences and Annex A 16/05/2019


Number of people charged with possession of cocaine 16/05/2019





Moped/motorbike enabled theft and Annex A



 Recorded assaults on duty police officers and Annex A



 Emergency button



Bladed article offences and Annex A



Illegal cannabis farms



Police officer sick days



 Chief Constables Commendations


April's FOI publications

 Freedom of Information response regarding:Date published


 Dogs reported stolen and Annex A



Children under 16 - knife crime and Annex A



 Fatal stabbings and Annex A



"Honour" based, forced marriage and female genital mutilation



Sick days taken



Speed camera offences from an officer's speed radar



Sports pitches



Mental Health related calls



Missing children reported



Dogs seized under Dangerous Dogs Act



 Acid attacks



 Long-term sick leave



 Mental health


March's FOI publications

 Freedom of Information response regarding:Date published


 Hate crimes and Annex A



Taser trained



 Transgender charity, Mermaids



 Sexual assaults in schools



 Speed camera housings



 Police officers physically assaulted



 Theft of Motor Vehicle and Annex A



 Historial crime counts



 Wrongful arrests



 Forensics services



 Children's homes



 Police officers arrested



 Phone passcode cracking devices



 Procurement and Contracts department



 Speed cameras



 Incidents involving prescription drugs



 Murder investigation units



 Dog theft crimes



 Domestic violence



 Foreign registered vehicles



Allegations of sexual assaults and Annex A



Begging offences and Annex A



Clare's Law and Annex A



 Theft of sheep


February's FOI publications

 Freedom of Information response regarding:Date published


Taxi drivers recorded as "victims of crime"



Reported - having an article with a blade or point on school premises and Annex A



Pram/buggy theft



Police response times



Sheep incidents and Annex A



Controlling and coercive behaviour



Hire cars and Annex A



Acid attacks



Electronic custody records



 Children kept overnight in police custody



 Stickers declaring "women don't have penises"



 Police call-outs



 Criminal offences recorded in betting shops



 Children missing from children's homes



 Sexual allegation involving datings apps and Annex A






 Police force dogs and Annex A



Tools being stolen



Children abducted by a parent



 Raids carried out on brothels



 Department for Work and Pensions






 Firearm certificate renewals



 Crimes reported at nurseries/pre-schools


January's FOI publications

 Freedom of Information response regarding:Date published


 Homicides and Annex A



 Unresolved missing persons



 Firearms offences



 Digital devices



 Appeals when being put on half pay



 Accidents on Hawkshead Road



 Homicides recorded



Done incidents and Annex A






Unlawful eviction



Incidents involving mobility scooters



Public cloud services



 Notices of Intended Prosecution



 Incidents involving mental health






Diviner/psychic police investigation



Foreign Travel Orders



 Special Constabulary rank structure



 Car thefts



 Mobile phone use whiles driving



 Tasers seized



 Vietnamese children and Annex A



 Illegal drugs



 Police officers covering response shifts



 Fighting with the YPG  or other Kurdish forces



 Thefts reported at hospitals and Annex A



 Hate crime



 Theft of catalytic converters



 Mental Capacity Act 2005



 Juveniles involved with firearms offences



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