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Misconduct hearings

We are committed to transparency and accountability. As such, we publish the outcomes of misconduct meetings and also those who resign prior to the conclusion of misconduct proceedings (where it is established that there was a case to answer) below.

We demand the highest standards of professionalism, honesty and integrity from our officers and staff. Where those standards are not met, consideration may be given to instigating misconduct proceedings by the collaborated Professional Standards Department.

Misconduct hearings

Where the officer/member of staff faces allegations of gross misconduct they would attend a misconduct hearing. If they are found to have breached the relevant standards of professional behaviour they may be dismissed.

Misconduct meeting

Where the officer/member of staff faces allegations of misconduct they would attend a misconduct meeting. If they are found to have breached the relevant standards of professional behaviour the maximum penalty would be a final written warning.


Police officers are allowed to resign if they face a misconduct hearing for gross misconduct.

Attending a hearing

Misconduct hearings are almost always held wholly or partly in public.

Forthcoming hearings' public notices will be accessible from this site. The notice provides information about the hearing including how to apply to attend. It also gives details of any exclusions or attendance conditions which have been set by the person who is to chair the hearing.

In the event that the chair of the hearing sets conditions for public attendance the below may apply:

  • Any person wishing to attend the hearing must register their details in advance.  Failure to register will lead to entry being declined. The registration facility will close three working days before the hearing.
  • Members of the public are required to be in possession of valid photographic identification upon arrival and produce it upon request. Failure to do so will lead to entry being declined.
  • Public attendees are prohibited from using any sound or film recording equipment at the hearings or taking photographs of the proceedings.
  • Members of the public attending the hearing do so at their own expense.
  • Any person whose behaviour is deemed likely to disrupt proceeding may be excluded.

The chair may set any additional conditions he decides are appropriate to the particular case.

Forthcoming hearings

PC Georgia Boyle


Thursday, 25 February




The hearing will take place at Hertfordshire Constabulary headquarters, Welwyn Garden City.

Reasons for the hearing

On the 3 August 2020, whilst in the company of another, PC Boyle used the staff entrance to enter the INTU shopping centre in Watford, when PC Boyle noticed £50 in denominations of £20 X2, £10X1. Both PC Boyle and another made no attempt to trace the owner of this money and retained the money for themselves. The matter was reported as theft by finding, PC Boyle was identified by  means of CCTV. Boyle was subsequently interviewed and during her account, admitted to finding the money which was split with the other party. As a result of her admissions, PC Boyle received a community resolution Order.

This behaviour had been assessed as a breach of the Standards of Professional Behaviour namely, Discreditable Conduct.


Those wishing to attend or listen to this hearing remotely should register their interest to attend by emailing.  An invite to the hearing will then be sent allowing you to listen only.  No recordings are allowed to take place.

Pc Molly Brett


Monday, 15 March




The hearing will take place at Focolare Centre for Unity, 69 Parkway, Welwyn Garden City, Herts.

Reasons for the hearing

It is alleged that PC Brett was off duty on 10July 2020 at a hotel in Lavenham, Suffolk with her family.  Whilst there, it is alleged that PC Brett made inappropriate comments concerning arrests and the use of handcuffs.

These allegations are said to breach the standards of professional behaviour in respect of:

  • Discreditable Conduct
  • Authority Respect and Courtesy, and
  • Equality and Diversity.


The nature of the hearing is public but the public will not be allowed to attend in person due to public health considerations during the COVID-19 pandemic. A live link will however be provided for use by the public and anyone wishing to attend the hearing virtually using this link should register their interest to attend by emailing by 4pm on Thursday, 11 March 2021. Note that those who access the hearing via the live link will not be permitted to take part in the proceedings and must abide by conditions, including

1) Recording of any part of the hearing is prohibited

2) There will be a ten minute delay on reporting by any means

It is likely that the findings and outcome of the hearing will be published in due course.

Public guidance

Misconduct outcomes

PC Alasdair MacPhail

Tuesday, 16 February 2021

PC MacPhail was dismissed without notice from the force for Gross Misconduct by Chief Constable Charlie Hall for breaches of the standards of professional behaviour with regards to duties and responsibilities, fitness for work and discreditable conduct. 

The circumstances were that on 23 October 2020, the officer was convicted of driving over the prescribed limit at court.  This was as a result of the officer turning up late for work on 5 September 2020, having driven from his home address and alcohol was suspected.  The officer provided a positive breath test.

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