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Public guidance

We demand the highest standards of professionalism, honesty and integrity from its officers and staff. Where those standards are not met, consideration may be given to instigating misconduct proceedings.

Set conditions of attendance for members of the public are detailed within the Public Notice to which this document is linked.

The purpose of this page is to provide further guidance.


The venue chosen has been selected for a number of reasons which included parking and disabled access. However, it cannot be guaranteed that the needs of all individuals can be met on all occasions.


Refreshments may not be available and those who elect to bring their own are reminded that food and drink cannot be consumed in the hearing room.


The venue is not suitable for pets of any kind with the exception of guide dogs.


Persons under the age of 18 years will not be permitted to attend. The venue and occasion are not deemed suitable for young persons and the nature of circumstances sometimes discussed at hearings could cause distress.

Serving officers and police staff

Officers and police staff will only be permitted to attend if they are not an interested party. Additionally any attendance must be in their own time and at their own expense. Staff members are encouraged not to attend in order to maximise space available for the general public.


Members of the public should be aware that the person chairing the hearing may have decided in advance that parts of it should be not heard in public or, during the hearing, ask members of the public to withdraw whilst a certain issues is addressed.

Mobile phones

All mobile phones must be switched off or set to silent in the hearing room.

Emergency exits

Members of the public should familiarise themselves with the location of emergency/fire exits and evacuate the building promptly should the need arise.

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