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Chief Officer expenses - 2014

Expenses for Chief Officers are reimbursed which are necessarily incurred in the course of their duties.

The expenses detailed in this section include details of those items such as travelling costs, for example to attend meetings, conferences or training events, where the travel by public transport is found to be a more cost effective or environmentally friendly option than travelling by car.

Expenses will also include the cost of accommodation where this is not provided free of charge as a result of attendance at a specific event.

Chief Officers are also entitled to claim reasonable costs to cover meals and drinks for the purpose of official duties where it is considered desirable as a matter of courtesy or protocol as part of their official duties.  This will generally cover those occasions where they purchase meals for colleagues from other organisations, as part of their role as members of the Chief Officer team within Hertfordshire Constabulary.

Chief Officers describes the roles of: The Chief Constable, the Deputy Chief Constable(s), all Assistant Chief Constable post holders and the Director of Resources.  These colleagues make up the Chief Officer team in Hertfordshire Constabulary.

The following details do not cover other types of expenses incurred by Chief Officers as part of their role, for example, the provision of a suitable car for use on duty, or the payment of professional association membership fees, as it is expected that Chief Officers will meet these costs themselves from an allowance paid to them as part of their individual remuneration package.

The publication of these details follows the guidance issued by the Information Commissioner's Office.

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