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Anti-social behaviour

Anti-social behaviour (ASB) is any conduct or activity that causes harm to an individual, to a community or to their environment and it can have a devastating effect on people's lives.

Incidents of anti-social behaviour can range from something that is a mild annoyance, but causing harm, to something that causes fear and insecurity. It is very often different from person to person or in different communities. It could be a one-off event or something that happens over and over again.

We work with local authorities and other community partners, such as the Fire and Rescue and social housing landlords, to tackle and stop anti-social behaviour, particularly when the victim is vulnerable or has suffered repeated incidents.

Examples of anti-social behaviour

Graffiti: One form of anti-social behaviour

If you are feeling harassed, alarmed or distressed because of the following types of behaviour, it could be ASB:

  • begging; hoax calls to emergency services;
  • inappropriate use, sale or possession of fireworks;
  • littering; graffiti 
  • malicious communications (e.g. calls, letters or emails);
  • noise complaints; prostitution-related activity; nuisance neighbours;
  • rowdy or inconsiderate behaviour; street drinking;
  • trespass; vehicle nuisance

Report it

You do not have to put up with anti-social behaviour.  You can contact us or your local council. If you live in social housing, you can report it to your landlord.

If you are vulnerable, or if there is repeated anti-social behaviour occurring, we will treat you as a priority. Please tell us about your circumstances when you call.  Your report will be assessed and, wherever appropriate, we will send an officer to investigate.

Some issues cause greater harm to victims or communities and may need more intensive or long-term action. In these circumstances a local Neighbourhood Officer may be assigned to manage your case.  They may be supported by other police officers and staff, including ASB investigators from our Community Safety Units, detectives and patrol officers.

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