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Community trigger

The Community Trigger is a process under the Anti-Social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Act to help police, local authorities, housing associations and other partners tackle anti-social behaviour (ASB).

 You can activate the Community Trigger if you have reported incidents of ASB to the police or other partner agencies but feel no-one is dealing effectively with the problems you are experiencing. 

Community Trigger

Once activated, the Community Trigger will see us meet with your council and other partners. We will then review your case.

The Community Trigger can be used by individuals, businesses or communities whose case meets the following criteria:

  • If you have made three reports of ASB to police, your local council or your local housing provider during a six month period and you feel nothing has been done.
  • More than one person or group has made three reports of ASB involving the same location, culprit or problem to police, local council or housing provider within six months.

How do I activate the Community Trigger?

Report your incident(s) of ASB to police via the non-emergency number 101 or contact your district/borough council.

Please advise the call taker that:

  1. Either you or a group of people have reported ASB three times.
  2. That the situation has been unresolved.
  3. That you wish to activate Community Trigger.

It would be helpful if you could provide call takers with details of when and where previous reports were made, with reference numbers if possible.

Community Trigger can also be activated by emailing the Force Communication Room.  

You can also write to:

ASB Co-Ordinator
Force Communication Room
Police Headquarters
Stanborough Road
Welwyn Garden City

What happens next

To determine whether the threshold has been met, we will speak with the relevant agencies within 72 hours of the report being made. A meeting will then take place between us and the agencies to review your case and the response and action taken.

We will then make recommendations and will put an action plan in place to try to resolve the problem. You will be kept up to date as the investigation progresses.

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